Incredible clash at PSG, he hallucinates

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Incredible clash at PSG, he hallucinates

Published on May 6, 2023 at 02:00

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In the current extra-sporting crisis hitting PSG, the tension is at its height. Jérôme Rothen even admitted to having had a clash with Marco Verratti who did not appreciate the criticisms of him at all. And Daniel Riolo, used to charging the PSG midfielder, gave a layer on this subject.

Thursday evening, on RMC Sport, the former left winger of PSG Jerome Rothen made a sensational revelation about a clash he had in recent days with Marco Verratti : « A PSG player attacked me. I’m telling it like it’s been for a few days ’cause it’s not right “, noted Rothenwhich talks about Verratti without naming it.

“How can you talk to me like that?” »

The former player of PSG continues on this muscular exchange with the Italian midfielder: “ Behind there is an exchange. I don’t back down. I explain things to him as they are. I tell him: ‘Yes there is a lack of investment.’ When you are a player who has been there for X years, and you allow yourself to tell me that you are 100% professional, that you respect the history of the club…. Imagine the mentality of these guys! They are the guarantors of the club’s history and he said to me: ‘We are the ones who have marked the history of this club, because before there was almost nothing.’ But how can you talk to me like that, to me who grew up in the Paris region? At the age of four, I went to the stadium! This player says to me ‘I could have won and I can still win more money elsewhere’. But go ahead! Come on, what are you waiting for? We don’t want players like you anymore, he’s making that change “. Shocking revelations from Rothenwhich did not remain without reaction.

Riolo charges Verratti

Daniel Riolothe editorialist of RMC, mentioned this clash on his account Twitter and in turn attacks the player of the PSG : « I read that Jérôme Rothen received a call from an important PSG player. He told her that before him, there was almost nothing… those guys will never understand anything! Never ! No respect for the past.. . Let them go quickly!! “, cowardly Riolo. Ambiance…

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