Municipality will store their vehicles next Thursday.

A couple of days before the elections in Coahuila, the municipality of Monclova is ready in terms of security, as they will provide all the support so that no incident occurs on June 4.

The mayor of Monclova, Mario Dávila Delgado, states that during the next few days they will be working normally, and that as of Thursday the vehicles used by officials and municipal personnel will be stored, respecting the provisions of the law .

“Only those that will be in circulation are public security vehicles, civil protection, roads and anyone who requires this necessary type, the others that are not occupied for any contingency will be protected as of next Thursday, the day will be fulfilled normal work and at the end it will be officially protected “said the mayor.

He expresses that, regarding his daily work, he will review the INE rules, however, he will work on those that are totally distant from the electoral ban, giving the citizens a message that he hopes that this process will be normal and that no problem will occur. .

2023-05-30 03:04:17
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