From Japan to Medina: 150 children will compete in the II Judo Promotion Championship of Castilla y León

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The tournament will take place next Saturday June 10 at the Pablo Cáceres Sports Center

Yaiza Cobos.- On the morning of Tuesday, May 30, the Hall of Shields of the Town Hall of Villa de las Ferias has hosted the presentation of a new sporting event that will take place at the Pablo Cáceres Sports Center on June 10. This is the second ‘Villa de Medina’ Judo Tournament; a meeting at the regional level that will bring together some 150 athletes from the pre-benjamin and benjamin categories. A competition organized by the Federation of Judo and Associated Sports of Castilla y León, which also has the collaboration of the Municipal Sports Service of the municipality and the Buskikan Club.

As Juan Antonio Pisador, Councilor for Sports, has commented, “after the success of last year”, they considered it “important” to repeat this appointment again. And it is that, from the consistory, they saw it as essential to include judo in the sports activities of the town, since they have assured that they need “support and push.” A “beautiful show” that will take place during the second weekend of June, and that will also have an economic and tourist impact on Medina del Campo.

However, the mayor has given way to Vicente Zarza, president of the Regional Federation and runner-up in the judo world, in addition to having a ninth dan; “An eminence”, he has pointed out. The president thanked the effort and collaboration of the municipal group in promoting this “educational and training sport”, he explained. An activity that “teaches to respect people,” he asserts. With this tournament, the organization hopes to “take the sport out of the cities so that the towns do not die,” says Zarza.

A martial art that was born in Japan, and which was considered an Olympic sport in 1964, will burst into Medina del Campo next Saturday. Likewise, the president has stated that judo is “one of the most practiced sports in the world”; Europe being, to this day, a country as strong as the Japanese territory.

Thus, 150 children, coming from all the provinces of Castilla y León, will meet at the municipal facilities to enjoy the II ‘Villa de Medina’ Judo Tournament (…)

More information in the printed edition of ‘La Voz de Medina y Comarca’

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