Magnificent performance from Albacete in the badminton School

The city of Tomelloso witnessed the exciting Regional School Age Badminton Championship. In this event, the athletes from the province of Albacete demonstrated their talent and dedication, obtaining outstanding results in various categories. Next, we will review the most outstanding performances that raised the name of Albacete in this prestigious championship.

U11 mixed doubles: The day began with the U11 mixed doubles competition, in which the couple made up of Noemy García Martínez (Albarena) and Alejandro Rodríguez Molina (Albarena) shone with solvency, winning the final against the representatives of Guadalajara. In the same category, Pedro Martínez Arnedo (Alpera) and Cristina Garijo Soriano (Albarena) obtained fourth place, consolidating Albacete’s dominance in this discipline.

U11 Men’s Doubles: In the U11 men’s doubles competition, the duo made up of Diego Alejandro Vizcaíno Acosta (Ontur) and Guillermo Gil Lencina (Higueruela) won the gold medal, playing an exciting final against the pair representing Toledo.

U11 women’s doubles: In the U11 women’s doubles category, the couple formed by Marta García Mariscal (Ontur) and Mariela Martínez Hernández (Ontur) demonstrated their talent by winning the silver medal, after a hard-fought final against the players from Toledo.

Under 11 women’s singles: In the under 11 women’s singles competition, Noemy García Martínez (Albarena), an outstanding player from Albacete, reached the quarterfinals, where she faced Laura Miranda from Guadalajara, who was the winner of the category.

Sub11 male individual: The Albacete representation shone in the sub11 male individual category, taking the podium. Pedro Martínez Arnedo (Alpera) took the bronze medal, while Diego Alejandro Vizcaíno Acosta (Ontur) won the silver medal in a closely contested final against Alejandro Rodríguez Molina (Albarena), who was crowned champion and obtained the gold medal.

In the sub13 category, the duo of Marina Simarro Rubio (Albarena) and Alejandra Horcajada Sánchez (Albarena) achieved a brilliant silver medal in women’s doubles, after an intense final against the Guadalajara team. In the men’s sub13 and sub15 categories, the representatives from Albacete faced difficult groups and, despite their efforts, did not reach medals, although their work throughout the season is worth noting.

Women’s sub15 category: Lucía Barbero Yeste (Badminton Albacete), in the women’s sub15 category, starred in a spectacular competition, reaching the final brilliantly and putting up a battle at all times against Jimena Alonso de Cuenca (Albatros), who was finally crowned champion. Lucía also obtained a well-deserved gold medal in the women’s doubles event, pairing up with Elizabeth Barba Molina (Albarena), after a magnificent performance.

Under-17 category: In the under-17 male category, the duo made up of Manuel Flores Vigara (El Bonillo) and Pascual Gómez López (Aguas Nuevas) stood out by obtaining the gold medal, facing rivals of great quality and experience. In addition, Pascual Gómez López achieved an outstanding fourth place in the individual competition, in a category of a spectacular level.

In the sub17 female category, Amparo Eugenia Gómez Rodríguez (Aguas Nuevas) and Lucía Marqueño Jiménez (Albarena) stood out by winning the silver medal in the women’s doubles event, after facing the experienced Toledo couple made up of Lucía Jerez and Sofía Fernández . In addition, Amparo Eugenia Gómez Rodríguez obtained the bronze medal in the individual competition, facing rivals of extraordinary quality.

In short, from the sub11 mixed doubles to the sub17 categories, the representatives of Albacete raised the name of their province and reaffirmed the growth and quality of school badminton in the region.

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