Juventus was fined 718 thousand euros for the so-called “salary maneuver”

The National Federal Court has accepted Juventus’ plea bargain offer regarding the trial on the so-called “salary maneuver”. The hearing scheduled for June 15, after the referral on May 19, has therefore been brought forward to today: the club has been fined 718 thousand euros and will not be penalized by other points in the standings, in addition to the 10 already removed in the case of the capital gains.

With the plea agreement, Juventus has anticipated the times of the trial and obtained a sentence reduced by a third, but will not be able to appeal to the other levels of sports justice. The sanctions are therefore definitive, even those to his former managers involved (fines from 10 to 47 thousand euros), but not for the former president Andrea Agnelli, who has not negotiated and will go to trial on 15 June.

He club He has decided also not to appeal against the 10-point penalty in the standings received for the case of capital gains, in order to close all his disputes with the sports justice by the end of the current season. These intentions had been anticipated before the last match by Francesco Calvo, the new director of Juventus’ sports area, who had said: «We were unjustly punished. There is no proportion in the penalty, we started the process being investigated for one article and we found ourselves convicted for another, but that is now water under the bridge. We have to focus on the pitch.”

The second “strand” of investigations, born from the elements that emerged from the parallel investigations of the ordinary justice on the club’s financial statements, concerned the two so-called “salary maneuvers” and the relationships maintained over the years with some sports agents. The club had been indicted on May 19 together with seven of its former managers for having violated the principles of loyalty and fairness (contained in article 4.1 of the FIGC’s sports justice). The investigations into the first salary maneuver concerned the agreements reached in the 2019/20 season with 21 players and former coach Maurizio Sarri for the waiver of four months’ salaries: according to the indictment, the club would not have then correctly communicated that three of these months’ salaries would have been recovered in subsequent financial statements.

Similar methods would be repeated in the following season, with 17 players receiving the previously withheld monthly payments through private agreements. Finally, Juventus was accused of having paid certain sports agents for market transactions that never took place between 2015 and 2022, and of having collaborated with some of them without a regular mandate, as required by international law.

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