Judo – Wimpassing celebrates eleven national champions

In Wiener Neudorf, the JC Wimpassing took part in the national championships in the age groups U10 to U16, the U21 and the general class. More than 250 judoka fought there for the national championship title in the respective age and weight classes. In total, the Wimpassinger won eleven national championship titles, five vice championship titles and seven third places. That means third place in the club ranking. JU Klosterneuburg secured the victory.

In the U10 Magdalena Klöckl (-25 kg) and Oliver Rella (-22 kg) won the gold medal. Maximilan Tscheppe secured bronze with a win in the battle for third place against his teammate Luis Neubauer. Skadi Brunner (-32 kg) and Marlene Lechner (-36 kg) won the national championship for the U12 girls. Lilli Kernbeis (-40 kg) only had to admit defeat once and finished second. Mia Polleres (-32 kg) and Oilvia Frey (-36 kg) took third place. There were also two third places for the boys. Gor Hakobjan (-30 kg) and Tyler Kerber (-34 kg) each landed on the podium.

Despite a cautious start, Ilvie Brunner (-48 kg) won the national championship title in the U14. Tessa Neubauer (-52 kg) can look forward to third place. Among the U14 boys, Yurik Hakobjan (-46 kg) and Luis Polleres (-66 kg) were responsible for two more national championship titles. Connor Parker (-30 kg) finished second in his class and took silver.

The U16s also had three national championship titles to celebrate. Sebastian Jenull (-46 kg), Christoph Vakil (-50 kg) and Askil Brunner (-60 kg) were successful in Wiener Neudorf. Thomas Seiser had to give up his first fight, but still got the runner-up title.

Four Wimpassingers also started in the general class. The experienced Stefan Morgenbesser (-73kg) proved that he still has the competition experience. He dominated all of his fights and made strong ippon throws. In the end he was beaming with the state championship title.
In addition to Morgenbesser, three other judoka from our adult group took up the challenge. Anna-Maria Lackner (-63 kg), who was already successful in combat in her youth, caused a jubilant mood when she made her comeback on the competition floor. In the first fight against Susanne Lechner, who used to be a strong competitor to our national team fighter Michi Polleres, she had to admit defeat. In the second fight, however, she showed her mental strength and secured the silver medal with a fight victory. Christian Bauer (-66 kg) showed courageous fights against his opponent, but at the end of the day he lacked a bit of fighting experience.

Magdalena Klöckl, Oliver Rella, Skadi Brunner, and Marlene Lechner won the national championship title in the U10 and U12 age groups.

zVgJC Wimpassing

neu21norbi-JudoU14_16 state championship

There were five medals in the U14 competitions. Ilvie Brunner, Yurik Hakobjan and Luis Polleres won gold. There were four medals for the U16s, three of them in gold. Sebastian Jenull, Christoph Vakil and Askil Brunner were successful. Photos: zVg/JC Wimpassing

zVgJC Wimpassing

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