Gladbach: Heart attack in ex-professional Anagnostou – he felt pain in the morning Sports

The pain came while he was doing push-ups…

Ex-Gladbach professional Chrissovalantis “Valandi” Anagnostou just had to make the bad experience that even as a top athlete you are not safe from serious health problems: He suffered a heart attack – at just 47 years old!

The good news is that he’s feeling much better. After an operation in the Rheydter Elisabeth Hospital, he can now start his rehabilitation in the heart park in Mönchengladbach-Hardt.

The Greek heartthrob, who played for VfL between 1997 and 2000 (12 professional appearances under Hans Meyer), is still very much present at Borussia: he regularly plays with legends such as Oli Neuville, Bachirou Salou, Karlheinz Pflipsen, Jörg Albertz and Peter Wynhoff in the club Traditional Gladbach team.

Together with Wynhoff, he now works in the real estate industry and is employed at “Kreisbau AG” in Gladbach. After his time at VfL, the central defensive and left midfielder also played in Siegen, Wilhelmshaven, Regensburg, Uerdingen and Wattenscheid.

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Sudden pain in the lungs and left upper arm in the morning

In BILD Anagnostou describes how he experienced the heart attack: “After getting up in the morning I did push-ups and stretching exercises, then I got a severe burning sensation in the lungs up to the larynx and sweating, as well as pain in the upper left arm. It was very severe and persistent pain. I then had two stents placed in the hospital.”

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The timing of the heart shock was particularly surprising, because Anagostou says: “I was fitter than I was in the 10 or 15 years before, and had played for the Weisweiler team two days before the heart attack. And then something like this happens during the warm-up before the sport. Luckily I’m fine now and can throw myself fully into rehab.”

One thing is pretty sure for “Valandi”: “If everything goes well, in two or three months I want to be so fit again that I can play with the boys in the Weisweiler team again.”

Then he has to laugh: “It just doesn’t work without this funny sport…”

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