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These statements will cause little enthusiasm in Munich …

Two days before the end of the season, Sky expert Didi Hamann (49) expressed severe criticism of Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel (49) in his column – and committed himself to a champion.

The ex-pro (including Bayern, Liverpool) about Tuchel: “To be honest, what confused me most was what he said. First shocked in love, then helpless and irritated again. In his eyes, they had Manchester City hooked twice. At no time in mine.”

Further: “Statements made by a Bayern coach are important and also have an effect on the players in terms of credibility. I can’t fall in love within a few days and then be totally clueless again. The players read that and get it. If he doesn’t at least become German champion, Tuchel will also be at the forefront when it comes to analyzing the problem.”

Background: After the 0: 3 first leg swatter in the quarter-finals of the Champions League at Manchester City (April 11), Tuchel said: “I fell in love with my team in shock in this game.”

Only eleven days later after the 1: 3 against Mainz, the love had apparently evaporated again. Tuchel: “Then I no longer feel any energy to resist. Then it goes there. I do not know why. It’s incredibly difficult for us at the moment.”

On Friday afternoon, Tuchel reiterated his opinion of Bayern’s two games against City: “I felt like I could judge it quite well. I would have (Real Madrid’s semi-final exit; editor’s note) not needed, but it was confirmation for me that we fought at a very high level with City. That it was much closer than the scoreboard showed at the end. I had the feeling that maybe I was the lone voice in the forest. But we dared to analyze it like that – also with the team. I still think we hooked them twice.”

The Bayern coach explains: “In important areas of the game, we won statistics – sprints in the game, possession of the ball, intensive runs. Not many teams can do that. That’s why many things were at a very high level, even if the result spoke a bitter language. That now (against Real Madrid; editor’s note) was a demonstration of their strength! I think they played at a very high level – and that City felt the same way. We don’t have to be ashamed that we were eliminated, but we still would have liked it to have been different.”

Thomas Tuchel has been Bayern coach since March 25, succeeding the dismissed Julian Nagelsmann

Photo: Dennis Brosda

The ex-international (59 internationals): “If BVB wins their last two games, they will become German champions. I am convinced of that. I see BVB as champions.”

With two games to go, Bayern are one point ahead of Dortmund at the top of the table. The record champions have to face RB Leipzig on Saturday (6.30 p.m.), BVB a day later in Augsburg. Should Bayern win and BVB lose, Munich’s 33rd championship is certain. A disadvantage that BVB has to follow suit?

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A clear no for Hamann: “Bayern have seen how confidently Dortmund have followed suit despite the pressure in the last two weeks and after a few minutes they had already won the games with three goals. That does something to FC Bayern.”

But: “In the end, that could maybe even help FC Bayern, despite the huge disappointment in building up for the new season. Because then there is nothing to talk about and really every stone is turned over. In the end, it usually turns into something really good.”

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