DeAndre Hopkins shuts down exit rumors in brilliant fashion to Arizona Cardinals fans

There has been constant chatter about Arizona Cardinals‘ wide receiver DeAndre Hopkinswho is one the team’s most important assets without question. Many Cardinals fans believed that the star was about to leave the team looking for better opportunities to win a Super Bowl. But this couldn’t be further from the truth, according to Hopkins himself. He took to social media to challenge any claim about his future and talk about him wanting to leave the Arizona Cardinals. Hopkins wanted to respond to this with a video he shared on social media. In the video, DeAndre did tag a location as Phoenix, Arizona.

Where did the DeAndre Hopkins rumors come from?

Initially, rumors of the Arizona Cardinals looking to trade the No. 3 overall Draft pick and DeAndre Hopkins to the Tenessee Titans started to flood social media. That didn’t happen and the team was dealt the third overall pick to the Houston Texans. Days later, GM Monti Ossenfort denied the Cardinals have ever thought about any trades and he is constantly in touch with his closest circle. Also, the player never said specifically he wanted a trade. CBS Sports reports the team did offer other franchises to speak to Hopkins or his agent about a potential deal. DeAndre Hopkins has enjoyed his time at the Cardinals since he arrived and he confirmed he is not going anywhere.

But we can’t be naive to think he never spoke to any other franchise when he had permission from the team to do so. Chances are he never reached an agreement that satisfied him more than the Cardinals can offer. Currently, DeAndre Hopkins has a salary cap hit of $30.75 million and it wouldn’t be crazy to think the Cardinals would agree to take some value from the veteran WR while they still can. There is a big possibility that this story is still not over and DeAndre Hopkins can still move to a new team. However, chances are he will remain on the team for the upcoming season.


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