Conor McGregor freaks out: ‘He’s addicted to heroin’

Announced on his way back to the UFC, Conor McGregor has his fans waiting for the time being with various and varied communication moves. The latest, for example, saw him attack a former star of the federation in a wild way!

The followers of his trash-talking should again be served in the months to come. Following an absence of almost two years, Conor McGregor is indeed preparing to return to service, and will no doubt be happy to verbally attack his future opponent, Michael Chandler. But while he has already had the opportunity to assaulting him during the filming of The Ultimate Fighterhe does not forget to maintain other rivalries.

Conor McGregor slips up then deletes again

One of the most hated figures in the UFC, McGregor did not improve his image with his detractors during his hiatus. The latter, for example, did not have to be asked to reproach him for his alleged addictions to alcohol and drugs, still at the heart of the debates on the sidelines of the Monaco GP. Welterweight veteran Matt Brown notably pointed out his downfall on Michael Bisping’s YouTube channel:

In my eyes, he is nobody. He’s been amazing, and I take my hat off to him for everything he’s done, but at this point he’s a bum.

A frontal tackle which obviously did not escape the principal concerned, always very attentive to what can be said of him on the circuit. Neither one nor two, the Notorious therefore replied through a murderous tweet, quickly deleted:

Matt Brown, heroin addict.

An answer that is actually based on Brown’s liabilities. Before making a name for himself in MMA, “The Immortal” had indeed long lamented an addiction to various drugs, including heroin. An overdose made during his adolescence even almost took his life, hence his nickname. However, nothing suggests that the American has since fallen into his demons. What does it matter for CMG, which persists and signs:

You asked to see a corpse?

Targeted vis-à-vis his excesses away from the octagon by Matt Brown, Conor McGregor did not wait long before highlighting the American’s dark history with heroin. An answer that he however did not accept for very long!

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