CD Badminton Zamora concludes its school project

The club understands the promotion of its sport at the school level to be fundamental, being the base of the structure whose peak is being the set of good results obtained throughout this season at the regional and national level.

On the one hand, with the support of the Zamora town council, three training days of the badminton School Games have been held for students from educational centers in the Zamora capital. Thanks to this initiative, around 60 participants have been able to enjoy badminton, through training dynamics launched by the group of qualified monitors that the club has.

On the other hand, following the expansion of badminton in recent seasons, and thanks to the Zamora Provincial Council, a large number of badminton school training sessions have been held in different towns in the Zamora province: Muga de Sayago, Burganes de Valverde, Morales del Vino… reaching a large number of participants around number 80.

In short, the commitment to sport, in this case, school badminton, is clear, being the basis of the structure of a club that continues to grow and expand season after season in the capital Zamora, and in recent years, also in the province.

2023-05-31 08:54:32
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