1936 | The war frustrates the first Ruta Ñ

Although talking about the impact of the media from today’s perspective is probably exaggerated, the success of the 1935 Eurobasket provoked in our country a greater interest in basketball, in practicing it, in creating teams and clubs, in organizing new championships and tournaments, and in generation of new projects. Among them, the one that would have been the first Ruta Ñ, frustrated by the outbreak of the Civil War

The runner-up in Europe won by the National Team in the first Eurobasket in history had a significant impact on the dissemination and popularization of basketball throughout Spain. So much so that the FEB got ready to organize, in the months of preparation for the Olympic Games one year later, a multi-city team tour. What would have been the first Ruta Ñ in history…

The details of the FEB project were revealed on the pages of The sports world: at the end of the season “and duly subsidized by the Government”, it was going to be a tour of real exhibition matches in the main capitals. The expedition would be made up of about twelve players, probably six Catalans and six Castilians, who would visit Oviedo, Santiago, Bilbao, San Sebastián, Zaragoza, Valencia, Seville, Málaga and Cádiz.

The project foreseen, logically, the participation of Spain in the first Olympic tournament in history, in 1936 In Berlin. In fact, the FEB came to make a call for players, published on July 5, to start preparing the trip to the German capital.

In any case, over the weeks the euphoria and the project faded, initially because the government of the republic announced its decision to boycott the German Nazi regime, among other things, without sending a delegation to the Olympic Games. Instead, he decided to support the so-called Popular Olympics, scheduled to start on July 19 in Barcelona, ​​which inevitably did not take place.

So neither the tour nor the Olympic dream could be fulfilled because in July 1936 the Civil War broke out and everything was obviously paralyzed. Until 1940 there was no basketball.

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