Vinicius’s gesture with Cristiano at home

Vinicius’s gesture with Cristiano at home

Vinicius Jr. is going through a great time Real Madrid. It is the present and the future of the white club, and both parties know it. The one does not stop showing his love for the merengue team, and the other defends him tooth and nail in each of the controversies in which he has been involved.

In Madrid, he also has a large home that he has not stopped remodeling, including his gym, which hides an authentic work of art within its walls, the famous ‘Wall of Idols’, on which previously it has been possible to see the image of Ronaldo Nazario, Pele, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. A work by the Spanish artist René Mäkeläone of the most acclaimed by world sports stars, as he has painted for famous figures such as Antoine Griezmann, Jorge Lorenzo and Matt Kemp, among others.

Now, the work was not finished, as the artist has shared through his Instagram profile an image of how this wall has turned out after entering its second phase, which has meant the inclusion of two other great figures from the world of art. sport, being Cristiano Ronaldo one of them, and LeBron James the other.

Cristiano, to the “wall of idols” of Vinicius

And it is worth noting that, when the work saw the light in its first phase, Cristiano Ronaldo himself wrote to the Brazilian soccer player that he should also be part of the mosaic: “There I miss”. No sooner said than done, Now the Al Nasr striker is also present in the Real Madrid player’s gym, seeing René’s work finished.

“Second phase of the ‘wall of idols’. Thanks to Vinicius and his team for the trust ”the artist has written in his publication, where he shows how the painting of Cristiano Ronaldo and LeBron James has been, and how the wall has been after this update.


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