VIDEO ⟩ Nepomniaszczys and Lizhens play a draw in the penultimate game of the World Chess Championship

Ližen played with black pieces, while the Russian chess player Nepomniaschii, who plays under the FIDE flag, played with white pieces. The duel ended in the 39th move.

The result after 13 games is 6.5-6.5.

The final 14th game is scheduled for April 29, but in case of a draw, the chess players will play a tiebreak on April 30.

The total prize pool of the tournament is two million euros.

Norwegian Mangnuss Carlsen has been the world champion since 2013, but last year he decided not to defend his title, so the winner of the candidates’ tournament, Nepomniaschii, plays against the second place winner, Dina.

2023-04-27 17:45:06
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