Oliver Arteaga, out for four months

Oliver Arteaga, Alimerka Oviedo Basketball player
Pol Puertas/Força Lleida

Bad news for Alimerka Oviedo Basketball. Óliver Artega, a fundamental piece in the schemes of the Carbayón team, will be out for the remainder of the season. The pivot, who retired injured in the match against Alicante, suffers a double fracture in the tibial plateau of his right knee that leaves him out of action for the next four months.

The OCB has four days ahead of it to avoid saying goodbye to the Gold, a category to which it was promoted ten years ago, and with Arteaga’s injury the mission takes on Herculean overtones. At this moment, Alimerka Oviedo is out of the relegation places, but it has no cushion: Iraurgi, who would be the first to be relegated right now, has only one win less than the Asturians and with the basket average won.

2023-04-27 17:07:14
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