The Guaguas seals its pass to the semifinals with suffering



Buses: I. De Amo (3), P. Zonca (23), M. Knigge (13), B. Rattray (15), J. Almansa (6), M. Ramos (6) and Alexander F. (free) starting team- Y. Escobar (6), Dani R. (free), A. Olalla (1), PR Bertassoni, Borja R. (3).

Arenal Emeve: A. Rodriguez (3), JL Linares (21), P. Mena (3), G. Romani (5), P. Villar, V. Bouza (9) and R. Gallardo (free) – starting team – G. Ferreira (2), V. Alves (10).

Partial: 25-18, 25-13, 21-25, 30-28.

Referees: Antonio Correa Benitez and Carlos Alberto Robles Garcia

The Guaguas achieves its classification for the semifinals of the playoff for the title by also winning, after doing so in the first clash in Lugo (0-3), at the CID in the second match of the tie, in which the islanders have shown that they know how to suffer to add a 3-1 victory which raises his unbeaten record to 24 consecutive games this season.

The Arenal Emevé landed on the Island with the intention of prolonging the tie as long as possible. Sergio Miguel Camarero bet on the sextet that had revolutionized the first match on Lugo lands and it didn’t take long for him to post a 4-0 partial start with the unmistakable stamp of Paolo Zonca, who seemed to put things back on track for the islanders, in a CID in the one in which the intense heat made a dent in the players.

The Guaguas finished most of their actions on the fast track looking for the armed wing of Zonca and Rattray, but they did not finish taking advantage of their blocking, living on the power of their serve and the forcefulness on the wings to finish the first assault with a 25-18 that gave them the first advantage in the clash.

Little changed things in the second set, in which again the yellows put land in the middle at the start with a 6-2 start in which, in addition to Paolo Zonca, his center-back partner, Matt Knigge, was seen and Martín Ramos who, despite not being able to block the Galicians, did damage with his powerful shots down the middle.

Arenal Emevé did not finish finding solutions and gave way in the second round with a 25-13 score that boded the worst for the team led by José Valle.

Coup on the Lugo table

If there is something about volleyball, it is that it is totally unpredictable, what seems white can turn black in the blink of an eye. The overconfidence and the heat seemed to take their toll on a Guaguas who not only failed to get away on the scoreboard in the third act, but also saw how those from Lugo found José Luis Linares and Vítor Alves more and more easily, who were leading the a reaction from an Arenal that soon aroused the alarms of Sergio Miguel Camarero who consumed his two timeouts before entering the final stretch of the round with a disadvantage on the scoreboard.

The forcefulness of Rattray and Zonca was not enough to stop the Galicians who improved in defense and successfully risked in attack to close the gap in the match, winning the round 21-25.

Sergio Miguel Camarero reacted in the fourth round by moving his bench, seeking to refresh the ideas of his team that he saw as he could not find answers to the game of an Arenal Emevé who was into everything and who reached point 20 with a seven-point difference in electronic .

Yadrián Escobar provided forcefulness in attack and through the center Matt Knigge and Borja Ruiz became a wall that began to give life to their own with their blocks, to the despair of an Emevé who suffered from the new game proposal of the islanders with Paulo Renan Bertassoni at the controls.

The game went into a round trip, the public woke up from their lethargy and became the seventh player to push each ball in play from the stands of the Rocawhile Matt Knigge with a block and Yadrián Escobar with a guided missile ended the uncertainty to seal the 3-1 victory by prevailing in the fourth round 30-28.



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