“Sometimes the planets are aligned”

The Toulouse coach wants to savor this victory in the Coupe de France before plunging back into Ligue 1.

Statements taken at a press conference

The feeling that dominates after this victory

“A lot of joy and pride. I am proud and sharing. Already winning a final is rare. The pride of having won it, but also the way. There is the joy of sharing this title with everyone, this purple people who have been waiting for this for so long. Bringing this Cup back to the Capitol is an immense joy. A big fiesta tomorrow at the Capitole? Personally, I would prefer that we go there and then go to bed because we play on Tuesday. But for once I’m not sure I’m being heard. The players have been fantastic. We’ve been preparing for this final for a while now and sometimes the planets are aligned.”

The Nantes route

“Nantes had a good run in the cup. They eliminated Lens and Lyon, it’s not nothing.

The start of the game

“We expected a strong start from Nantes. A team that puts a lot of impact. We expected that and expecting the worst helped us.”

Logan Costa’s match

“I have great faith in Logan. The competition in the axis is difficult, with Antho (Rouault), Moussa Diarra. As he has been intractable and very good since the start of the epic, it seemed logical to me that he should start.

The possible non-participation in the Europa League

“This is a question for the president and legal counsel. I only take care of the ground. We will savor the Cup. I am careful not to disperse myself, especially concerning the decisions that do not depend on me.


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