Lebanese archers received in town hall during a ceremony

Lebanese archers received in town hall during a ceremony

A solemn ceremony took place on Wednesday in the municipal council hall, where Mayor Jean-Claude Carra had invited elected officials around a glass of friendship.

An event organized on the occasion of the departure of the Lebanese archery delegation. The athletes had been present since April 7 as part of a preparation course for the 2024 Olympic Games ( April 14 YR ). The young archer Ismail Ibrahim and the national coach of Lebanon, Philippe Tamer, benefited from ultra-functional facilities in Brienon. As well as wise advice from François Degrange, president of the Sentinel section, but also a renowned trainer in Europe.

A potential rear base for the Olympics

In his speech, the mayor, Jean-Claude Carra, recalled the historical links maintained between the two countries, and the some 23,000 French people established in Lebanon, where the population is 40% French-speaking. A few Franco-Lebanese live in the City of Brienon. Some of them were also present at the ceremony.

If he is pleased that the Brienonnaises facilities are thus recognized, Jean-Claude Carra especially hopes that his town will be retained as a rear base during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Among its assets, the fact that the club has been active for a long time in the field of disabled sports.

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