Kings League, what now?: “There are players who will leave football to become professionals in this”

“The Kings League It will be a job alternative. “There will be players who leave football 11 to come to this competition.” “This is going to go more and more and salaries will rise.” They are the testimonials of Jordi Rose, Jose Juan y David Lopez. Three players who have participated in the first edition of the league promoted by Gerard Piqué and Ibai Llanos, among others. The first two, members of El Barrio, winner of the finals of the Camp Nou

Jordi Ros (1996), a footballer who went through the Osasuna academy and is now a member of CE Carme, of the Catalan fourth. José Juan (1979), goalkeeper for Athletic Torrellano de Tercera, the same category as David López (1982) -they play for Caravaca- and who played in the presidents’ competition streamers with TheGrefg’s Saiyans FC. He entered through Fernando Llorentewho ultimately couldn’t play. José Juan contacted Adri Conteras and DjMaRiiOwith whom he spoke when he became a viral phenomenon after the Cup milestone against Real Madrid.

Jordi Ros celebrates a goal with El Barrio in the first part of the Kings League.

Reward for playing the Kings

It’s the diversity of the Kings League, where regional footballers come together, especially through the draft starter, veterans or retired stars. The three players coincide in pointing to THE SPANISH NEWSPAPER that the tournament has been a turning point in very different chapters of their careers.

José Juan is still in top form at 43 years of age. Only in this way can the round trip of his last weekend be explained. “I went to Barcelona on Friday by train to play the quarterfinals of the final four. On Saturday I returned by plane to be in a game with Torrellano at 12. We won. On Sunday, by car, heading to Barcelona with the family. Four games in three days,” he recounted.

The experience was worth it, because together with Jordi Ros and his colleagues lifted before 92,522 spectators the title of winners of the Kings League. “The experience has been very enriching. Everything that it is giving me is positive. I have enjoyed the sport, competing with a new 7-a-side football format, with professional people and idols from my childhood. Imagine… It has been an honor that My family, partner and friends have seen me enjoy like this! I hope the Kings last much longer”enthusiastically comments an amateur soccer player who these days has a tighter schedule than a professional.

José Juan, in action during an El Barrio match in the Kings League.

player permissions

Its history is that of many participants, especially in Catalan regional football, who have made up the bulk of the competition. “It is true that some players have had problems with their equipmentbut others have obtained, without problem, permission to be able to spend the weekend at the Camp Nou, because the schedules have coincided well »” says David López, who, like José Juan, has reached agreements with his clubs.

“We know how difficult it is to get to professional football. What Kings allows is to open up the range of opportunities for playerstaking advantage of their own, engaging young people and taking advantage of the situation that traditional football is going through,” insists the former Osasuna or Athletic Club soccer player.

However, as soon as the first part of the Kings League finished, the UE Sants, where several selected for the 7-a-side soccer tournament played, announced the dismissal by mutual agreement of Cristian Ubónleague MVP streamers. The trigger was the non-appearance of Ubón in a match considered by the already exclusive of him as important in the fight to stay in the Third Division.

“For him it has been a showcase that will allow him to rise in the category. Ubón has scored 17 goals, surely he will not lack a Second Federation team, especially when he is 20 years old. But there will come a time when the players will decide between the Kings or football 11″says José Juan.

How are the contracts of the Kings?

To the initial entrants in the Kings League They were given a three-month temporary contract. Although there is no official amount per game – some footballers have given public figures between 75 and 100 euros. Players 11 and 12 (chosen outside the draft) have an independent negotiation, as indicated by José Juan and David López, who held that role. But the participation and benefit that players can get goes further, as reflected in the volume of exposure in visits or the commercial agreements that may derive.

Saiyans FC’s David López greets the Camp Nou crowd during the Kings League finals.

“I think that the Kings League will be a job alternative, because every year there will be more money. The level of the players will also be higher. We believe that it can become a bonus or even a fixed salary, training every week and competing in the same way. Of course that would be the way to professionalize it. In the end, this is a wheel, the greater the incentive, the better footballers you will get”, reasons Jordi Ros. David López accompanies the argument with the concentration that the Saiyans FC carried out in the previous to the finalsevidencing a professional trait that has existed since the first edition.

New and renewed idols in the Kings

“It never ceases to surprise that, at 40 years old, when I already seemed retired, I could have lived this experience. By the way, some people think that it is a party, but people have been hooked because we have all gone to the maximum. It had been a long time since I was so tense during a game. I saw the faces of my teammates, I could feel their nervousness and that made me emotional. I didn’t want to fail,” stresses David López.

“An example of what Kings has assumed is what that Ricardo López lived one day in Madrid. A boy told him: ‘Look, that’s the goalkeeper of Casillas’ 1k’to which his father replied: “No, man, it’s the one from Atlético.” This league reaches all generations. Each one sees it from his point of view”, concludes López, citing the example of a goalkeeper who, despite everything he has experienced, was moved after receiving the MVP of a day that he dedicated to his son. New and renewed idols born in a “faster” football, where they kick you from all sides -sentence José Juan-, like a video game. A mix of ‘show’ and sport that has resulted of the host. A revolution”.


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