Ignacio Laquintana is one step away from leaving for Bragantino. Peñarol tries to retain him

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Ignacio Laquintana is one step away from leaving for Bragantino. Peñarol tries to retain him

“He wanted to stay to play the classic,” Ruglio said. The mirasoles try to match the offer for the sanducero, who has an exit clause.

02.04.2023 08:50

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Ignacio Laquintana is very close to leaving for Brazil to defend Red Bull Bragantino, a club that will match his release clause to take him away before Tuesday, the day the transfer period for the Brasileirao will close.

“We have been with that for days. He wanted to stay to play the classic and we also wanted him to stay. We are trying to match the offer with contract time and others, because only 25% does not stop belonging to Peñarol,” Ignacio Ruglio, coal president, told the program. crazy about football from FM Del Sol.

“It has an exit clause of a million-odd dollars. It has to be defined in these hours and there are probabilities for a long time. 20 days ago the Brazilian team is coming more and more to the charge and today it did not help much to stay, which speaks well of him, “added the top manager of Aurinegro.

“I told him the day before the classic: ‘Nacho, tomorrow is life’. And he told me: ‘You know what I want from the club’. He played a great game and never made a mistake. That makes me happy, highlighted Ruglio.

“We are going to try to make him stay, and if he leaves we have Kevin Méndez, Nicolás Rossi, Brian Mansilla, Máximo Alonso and Pato Sánchez. Nacho is doing very well and we wouldn’t want to lose him, ”he added, lamenting how unprotected the clubs in Uruguay are in the face of the situation that Peñarol may suffer.

“We have the Brazilian market in front of us and it is a monster that today competes in some wages with Europe. We have them out of step with our transfer period because they can register until the 4th and here we don’t even have the clauses of other countries that, if they take a player, they can register another. You have to work a lot on that, ”he explained.

“If we were to lose the classic with 42,000 people in the Champion of the Century and the next day at 9 in the morning Laquintana left, I couldn’t even go out and pick up the delivery food,” he concluded.

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