How Demichelis did to put together this unstoppable River that breaks records and sweeps the League

River does not stop his march. And, little by little, the team is becoming the machine that Martin Demichelis intends. GHe scored seven consecutive games in the League. He did not score any goals in those matches. And he took an advantage of 6 points over his immediate pursuer (San Lorenzo) and 16 over Boca. Anyway, although Micho’s team is shaping up to do the Olympic lapthere is still a long journey of 15 dates for the end of the championship.

River’s great football moment is supported by historical numbers. The Millionaire did not start a local league with 10 wins in the first 12 dates (he has two losses) since the 1991 Apertura with Daniel Passarella as coach. At that time (he finished champion) he achieved 10 wins and 2 draws.

On the other hand, it is the third time in its entire history that River has achieved 7 victories in a row with an undefeated fence and the first during the professional era. The antecedents occurred in the amateur era, the first in 1921 and the last in 1929, 94 years ago.

The start of Demichelis, in turn, It is the second with the best brand in history, behind Carlos Peucelle, the ideologue of La Máquina. Of 15 games led (12 in the League, 1 in the Copa Libertadores, 1 for the Champions Trophy and 1 for the Argentine Cup) Micho won 12 and lost 3. That is to say, he has reaped 80 percent of the points so far.

River beat Newell’s in the last play of the game

Regardless of the numbers and statistics, in River there is a marked game idea, in which a balance is combined between defensive solidity and the commitment to be offensive and constantly look for the goal in front. It happened against Newell’s, for example. As Demichelis stated, the team was supportive to defend and reduce spaces between the defense and the midfield and later, with the changes (the income of Suárez, Barco, Beltrán and Solari) went to look for the game.

River has a hierarchy squad. You can put together two starting eleven, quietly. And many of those who are substitutes could be starters in any other Argentine soccer team. In turn, those who enter can win a game and from midfield forward there is quality to handle the ball and provide good resolutions in attack.

To keep the fence undefeated, beyond the great defensive work, he has to a category goalkeeper, who is world champion. Franco Armani kept a clean sheet 103 times since he was in River (January 2018), a figure that already has him in third place in history, behind two giants such as Pato Fillol (158) and Amadeo Carrizo (183). And in the 123 games that he played between visitors and neutral ground, he did not score goals in 57, that is, 46.3%.

In River there is also a continuity of all the good things that were built during the Marcelo Gallardo cycle. With a leading team, associated play, good treatment of the ball and that tries to subdue its rival based on control of the ball and territory, beyond the fact that sometimes it can do it and other times not, as also happened in Rosario, where there were passages in which he did not have the ball. In those moments, there is a predisposition to press to try to recover the ball quickly.

Solari entered and invoiced for River to win its seventh game in a row. Photo: Juan Jose Garcia

Another important issue is that there is a clear line in the club on the course to follow. With a philosophy that is respected, both on and off the field, with a conduct that refers to a very professional management style. And a continuous transformation that is reflected in actions and works, which make there peace and order. That makes the players dedicate themselves exclusively to playing and the coaching staff to carry out their work and guide the footballers.

This is not my river, it is the river of the people, which does not stop supporting and filling the Monumental. You have to be careful, there is no champion with 30 points. It is very long this season. That’s what I tell the fans”, stated Demichelis, who, beyond the euphoria for the victory in Rosario over Newell’s in the last play of the game, was cautious about the great moment that River is experiencing.

Beyond this honeymoon that River lives, it’s okay for Demichelis to go slowly. Because this is soccer. And although his team took a good advantage over its pursuers, to find a team that, being the leader after 12 dates, ended up being champion, you have to go back to the 18-19 League, which Racing won.

At 19-20. the leaders were Argentinos and Lanús, with 25 points, and the champion was Boca with 48; in 2021, Talleres, with 26 points and then River turned Olympic round, with 54 points and last year, Atlético Tucumán led with 25 points (one more than Gimnasia) and the winner of the tournament was Boca, who was at seven points from the Tucumans and finished with 52 points, two more than the runner-up (Racing) and six more than Atlético.

Until the numbers are final, it cannot be uncorked. For example, it happened to Marcelo Gallardo in his first local tournament as a millionaire coach. His team took an important advantage in the 2014 Transition tournament but in the last stretch they stayed and Racing stole the title, after the Doll bet a plenary session for the Copa Sudamericana, which they ended up winning after eliminating Boca in semifinals. For this reason, River should not be trusted. Although he has plenty of reasons to be excited.

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