Hiba Abouk seems to react to news about Hakimi’s ‘lack of power’

The Spanish-Tunisian actress Hiba Abouk seems to be reacting to the news that her ex-husband, football player Achraf Hakimi, does not have to share his wealth with her.

In her Instagram Stories, Abouk published a photo of her two children with the caption: “What is really important”. The message seems to be a response to the recent setback in the now high-profile divorce case.

Abouk filed for divorce in the Spanish court and wanted the assets to be divided equally. Last week, however, it was announced that the lion’s share of the Moroccan international’s assets are in the name of his mother. The bulk of his earnings at the French football club PSG would also be paid directly into his mother’s account.

Abouk would never have known about Hakimi’s financial construction and is left empty-handed. Despite the fact that Abouk and Hakimi have two children together, it seems that his ex-wife will not receive spousal or child support either.

Hakimi was charged with rape early last month. According to a police report, the alleged incident took place on February 25. The victim stated that the right-back allegedly raped her at his home in Boulogne-Billancourt, in a suburb of Paris. Hakimi denies all allegations.

After the news about the rape became known, Abouk announced via Instagram that he supported the victim. However, the two would have already decided to separate before the allegations. The actress said she never thought her ex-husband would commit assault on anyone. According to her, it goes without saying that she wants any victims to be properly helped.


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