Henk Veerman: “We were able to keep up with SC…

Hank Veerman
Foto: © Orange Pictures

SC Heerenveen got rid of FC Volendam on Saturday evening. The Frisians eventually won 2-1. Henk Veerman was accurate for Volendam. The former striker of SC Heerenveen thought afterwards that there might have been more for his team.

“We lacked faith, I think”, Veerman adjusts afterwards ESPN. “We did a pretty good job. We also created chances. We didn’t give that much away, so we were able to keep up with Heerenveen. The chance you get must be a goal. In the first case that worked, in unfortunately not the second case I felt I should have made the second one.”

Volendam emphatically sought space behind the central defense duo of SC Heerenveen. “Yes absolutely. With the long balls I often came short a toenail. That’s really sour. Now you are left empty-handed while that is unnecessary,” concludes Henk Veerman.


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