He inspired Nicholas Jarry: the biography of a billionaire who helped the Prince improve his level

Nicholas Jarry In April 2020, he was suspended for 11 months due to involuntary doping caused in November 2019, after providing a urine sample after his participation in the Davis Cup. This situation brought serious headaches to the Chilean, since several of his sponsors broke the contracts they had signed, his coach also left and he was left alone at a time when he needed company.

It is there that, on his return to the slopes in 2021, the Prince had to go out in search of a work team to be able to prepare at the highest level and recover all the places he lost in the ATP ranking. Thus, after several months of talks, Nicholas Jarry He contacted Juan Ozón, who knew how to be the head coach of several elite tennis players, and recommended the biography of a billionaire businessman to be able to cope with the bad moment.


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