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Millonarios dawns this Sunday as the leader of the League, after beating Bucaramanga with an alternate payroll, at the Alfonso López stadium. The team now enters the Copa Sudamericana.

Alberto Gamero continues to move the payroll to give play to all the members of the squad. Although he did not bring a good part of the starting lineup to Bucaramanga, he gave Steven Vega the opportunity to return, after almost a year of absence due to a cruciate ligament injury.

But not only some pieces returned, such as Álvaro Montero, Juan Pablo Vargas and Óscar Cortés, who returned from the Fifa date, but the scheme of playing on the wings also returned, with a new commitment to Édgar Guerra and Yuber Quiñones, with Cortés playing the role of Mackalister Silva or Daniel Cataño, who did not travel, but with more speed and a different spiciness.

Bucaramanga was surprised by a team that in theory is a substitute, but that recovered some keys to the game that Millonarios had lost on previous dates, with better management, more speed, more ball possession and goal options.

The return of Luis Carlos Ruiz brought joy to Millionaires

However, Millos had to wait almost three quarters of the game, after hitting two balls off the posts in the first half and losing other options in the second, to find the advantage. And he did it through a very clear maximum penalty, in a foul by Hadier Borja on Yuber Quiñones, who had not appeared much in the game, but turned out to be key.

The one who scored the 0-1 was Luis Carlos Ruiz, one of the team’s experienced players, who also returned in the second half and was just playing his first game of the semester in the League, after overcoming an injury problem. Ruiz replaced Ramiro Brochero, another of the promotions of the house, who showed interesting things for the future.


Néstor Gómez EL TIEMPO, Private Archive

After the first goal, Bucaramanga was on the verge of scoring an equalizer on the point of innocence: they were going to resume the game without any blue player being on the field, because everyone went to congratulate Ruiz. Vega noticed and quickly entered the field of play and avoided what could have been a mess.

Millionaires found an award for their best game in the 86th minute, in a play by Cortés, who invented a hitch in the area and finished off across. Goalkeeper Cristopher Varela rebounded and Quiñones appeared to put the tip of the guayo and score the second goal.

Alberto Gamero’s team had just left concerns with the base payroll in Ibagué. At the Alfonso López he showed that there is something to do against the League while thinking about the Copa Sudamericana. And the three points leave Millonarios as the leader, waiting for what happens with América on Sunday.

Jose Orlando Ascension
sports deputy editor

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