From Jordan Hawkins to Vladislav Goldin: the protagonists of the Final Four

There is no recipe to get to the Final Four, but we certainly need a contribution from the whole quintet and beyond. After introducing you to the two clashestoday we present to you the main protagonists who will play for the title in Houston in an unprecedented but no less interesting or unpredictable final act.


Jordan Hawkins. The best shooter in Division I: when he lights up from the bow he usually rocks games. 3&D done and finished in the smell of the NBA. Watch out that he missed yesterday’s training due to fever. If he plays, suspect No.1 to block.

Dreary Newton. As a secondary creator it is more effective. He doesn’t dirty the scoreboard, he takes advantage of his size to rebound and make attackers struggle in defense. The less you notice, the more you feel.

Andre Jackson. The true soul of the team. With him running offensive operations the Huskies are unstoppable. Often close to triple-double, outstanding defender but openly challenged on three-point shooting (28.4%).

Alex Karaban. Very underrated, but capable of making heavy shots (ask Gonzaga). Level marksman (40.6%) who lends a rebounding hand. The future, but also the present, of UConn.

Adam Sanogo. With Donovan Clingan he forms a two-headed monster who has scared every defense encountered so far at March Madness. A dancing bear in post who also puts it from three. Very difficult to mark.

Dan Hurley - Final Four

A race to wipe out all doubts about him: now Dan Hurley enjoys the attention in his own way


Nijel Pack. Her guns are still smoking after last weekend where she triple-punched the defenses of Houston and Texas. Miami’s chances of winning go from the amount of ammunition left to the small point guard.

Isaiah Wong. Relentless scorer when it comes to pointing the iron and collecting fouls. Knowing how to attack from the pick and roll without ever forcing conclusions without rhythm. It’s threat number 1.

Wooga Poplar. He’s the jack of all trades from which Miami will restart next year. He completes the quintet in which the stars are others very well, playing in the folds of the game and defending fortissimo.

Jordan Miller. He and Christian Laettner had that kind of match. Then stop. A two-meter guard who scores from inside and outside. It is the key with which they open the defenses.

Norchad Omier. Fast hands, muscular and robust physique, sense of position, verticality and great rebounding enthusiasm. Is it Kyle Hines? No it’s Omier. Staying away from fouls is crucial to moving forward.

700 career victories, two trips to the Final Four with two unlikely teams: enough to put Jim Larranaga in the Hall of Fame, right?

San Diego State

Darrion Trammell. The hero of this March Madness. He knocked out Alabama, coldly closed the Creighton case. Outgoing from the HS had zero offerte in Division I. He is now 80 minutes away from winning the title as a protagonist.

Lamont Butler. Against Creighton he held up San Diego State’s offense for over thirty minutes. The least talked about backcourt, the only one who still has eligibility.

Matt Bradley. The Aztecs made it to the Final Four without him (8 points last weekend). If he were to score and SDSU were to keep that defenseā€¦ well, what can I say, it could be the title.

Keshad Johnson. He and Jaedon LeDee share seats and bring athleticism and intensity to the team. He doesn’t shoot threes but eats you in the head when he jumps and is a great rebounding presence.

Nathan Mensah. The only survivor of the dominant team of 2020. San Diego State not only eats you on the perimeter, but under the basket it has someone like the Ghanaian who sweeps 4 average blocks during the tournament.

The shoulder that reaches where the venerable master had not arrived: the story of Brian Dutcher oozes college basketball from every pore.

Florida Atlantic

Bryan Greenlee. Classic college basketball floor general: short but tough, who shoots triples in bursts, never expires in anxiety and defends. He’s the brains of this team.

Nicholas Boyd. Youngest member of a team playing without a senior. The shoulder that allows Greenlee to play away from the ball. Without his basket with Memphis, we wouldn’t have had this story.

Alijah Martin. A small tank shot to basket. Martin flexes his muscles and shoulder attacks. He is already at 1000 points with FAU. He is aiming for history both this weekend and in the next few years, should he stay.

Johnell Davis. Florida Atlantic is all about shared responsibilities, but if there’s someone to centralize, it’s Davis. Sophomore crucial in at least three out of four games in this Madness.

Vladislav Goldin. A guy like that shouldn’t play in a mid major. The Russian is the secret of Pulcinella of the Owls, a totem under the basket that makes the difference on both sides of the field.

Sedate style, folded arms, always a calm smile: the new face of college basketball is Dusty May



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