Fitness in old age: “Especially from the age of 50 you should train with heavy weights”

Jörn Giersberg from Oberhausen is a fitness and figure expert. The qualified sports scientist has given over 16,000 hours of personal training. His clients included the RTL presenters Frauke Ludowig and Birgit Schrowange.

WELT: Mr. Giersberg, what is the formula for success when you are over 50 and stay fit or get fit?

Jörn Giersberg: From the age of 30, we lose around ten percent of muscle mass for every decade of life. This physical process cannot be stopped completely. However, we can contain it with weight training and a clever training plan. So much so that we lose not ten but only two percent muscle mass per decade.

WELT: How exactly does it work?


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