Edoardo Gigliotti pride of Nuoro: the only representative of the island in the Judo A1 Italian Cup

Edoardo Gigliotti from Nuoro continues his ascent in Judo without neglecting the goal of humility and constancy in training. In February he ranks among the top 12 athletes, thanks to the FIJLKAM National Grand List, in the 100 Kg category. At this point he passes by right to the Italian Cup of Judo category A2.

Edoardo Gigliotti during a fight

A fifth place, close to the podium, leads him to compete in the A1 Italian Cup, in the shortlist of the first six national athletes in each weight category of the National Judo Grand List.

An event that rewards only the most deserving athletes based on the score achieved. It’s official: Edoardo Gigliotti is among the best national judokas 2023. Unfortunately in the competition of last April 2, the athlete from Nuoro after only three fights stops in the standings in 7th place but as sport teaches, a strong motivation can arise from defeat and Edoardo knows it well and therefore will have other surprises in store for us.

2023-04-21 18:39:15
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