Ziggo analysts do not understand the FIA ​​ban: “Don’t do pit stops anymore”

| by Stephen Koolschijn

The Ziggo Sport analysts do not understand why the FIA ​​has decided that it is no longer allowed to climb the fences on the pit wall to celebrate the victory. Teams that do so may be penalized by the stewards. The motorsport body could better focus on more important matters, according to the analysts.

In the run-up to the Australian Grand Prix, the FIA ​​announced that it is no longer allowed to climb into the fences of the pit wall after the race to celebrate. Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner said earlier on Friday that he was surprised about the new rule: “I’ve never seen a problem with it.” The analysts of the Race Cafe don’t understand the new rule.

Why isn’t that allowed?’, Rick Winkelman wonders aloud. ‘So don’t do pit stops anymore, because that’s much more dangerous than hanging in the fences.’ Robert Doornbos adds. “No one has ever fallen off. You are not allowed to turn donuts and you have to drive very well back to the pit lane. The fans also want to see the experience and it is also just enthusiasm that is released by the staff of the teams.’

FIA can better focus on other things

Doornbos believes that the FIA ​​focuses too much on peripheral matters. According to the former Formula 1 driver, the motorsport body would do well to address more important shortcomings. “I think she should focus a bit more on other things, for example announcing penalties a bit faster,” Doornbos refers to the penalty that Fernando Alonso only received after the race in Saudi Arabia. ‘That is a bit more important than whether or not to cheer. We’re just going to cheer,” the analyst concludes.

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