Avalanches in Norway: 5 Italians involved, one died

The five Italians engaged in an excursion and involved in the avalanche in Norway come from the Vicenza area. This is learned from sources in the Farnesina. They are part of a larger group of 8 Italians, all from the Vicenza area, but three of them did not participate in the excursion, are doing well and are in the hotel. Some of them had backpacks with airbags which allowed them to remain on the surface when they were overwhelmed, while others slammed into trees and suffered bruises of varying severity. An injured person is said to be in critical conditions but still apparently conscious in the Tromso hospital.


Tragedy in the snow of the Norwegian mountains, where a group of five Italians was involved in one of the four avalanches that hit the north of the country. According to the police, quoted by the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, one of them died, two others were injured, including one seriously, while the other two were unharmed. The Farnesina has confirmed that a compatriot died as a result of the avalanche. An accident that occurred on a black day on the Norwegian peaks, with avalanches also recorded in three other areas of the North-Troms region, for a total toll of four dead. The group of Italians was on the Kavringtinden peak, a mountain almost 1,300 meters high, a popular destination for hikers. “Five people of foreign origin were on an excursion in the area. We can confirm that one person died,” Troms police officer Morten Pettersen told a press conference.

According to media reports, the rescue operation presented major challenges for rescue teams due to weather conditions. In any case, all were recovered, said the mayor of Lyngen, Dan-Håvard Johnsen, underlining that the seriously injured person was taken to hospital in Troms›. As for the other three accidents that occurred in Nord-Troms, one occurred in the locality of Reinoya, a small island of about 300 inhabitants, where an avalanche hit a farm, dragging it into the sea. A man and a woman were found dead in the water, as well as a hundred head of livestock, and the municipality has evacuated the other residents. In Storlett, in the municipality of Nordreisa, an avalanche involved another group of foreign tourists and one person was found lifeless. “A member of the group located the victim and alerted the emergency services,” the police explained, without specifying the nationality of the deceased. A fourth avalanche occurred in Manndalen, Kåfjord municipality, and caused no casualties. Tor Indrevoll, operational director of the Troms Red Cross Relief Corps, spoke of an extremely serious situation in the area. The authorities – reports Aftenposten – had warned on Thursday of a great risk of avalanches in the region. The police have advised anyone not to move in the mountains in the area, due to the bad weather conditions, and a red alert has been issued for both today and tomorrow in various locations.

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