“We need training to stop violence against the vulnerable”. Lucia Morico testimonial

“We need to focus on training to combat violence against vulnerable victims”. The local leaders of the police forces found themselves on the same line in the day of celebration of the woman wanted by Legitimate Secure Defense in a day dedicated to awareness: legal, psychological, technical understood as the potential ability to know how to get out of dangerous situations. And so the Carabinieri, the State Police and the Guardia di Finanza, in the presence of Captain Ruberto, Doctor Licari and Lieutenant Cavuoto, were able to explore not only the always active role of law enforcement officers in the defense of vulnerable victims but also to indicate to those present the way forward to recognize and isolate forms of abuse and violence.

The Legitimate Safe Defense project

“Legitimate Defense” is a project born from the need to respond to a growing demand for security that comes from the citizen: legal, physical and psychological security. It is a project aimed at citizens in general and, in particular, at the weakest subjects, starting with women.For this reason, a group of professionals from all over Italy (lawyers, psychologists, doctors, martial arts teachers) have decided to put a defensive project “on the web” for the weakest subjects, a wide-ranging project which is also a cultural challenge.

“We don’t replace uniforms”

“The relationship with the guardians of the order is fundamental” specified the coordinator of Dls, lawyer Roberto Paradisi. «Our action does not want to replace that of men and women in uniform, rather it wants – together with them – to help disseminate the culture of legal defense of vulnerable subjects. Suffice it to say that, in order to obtain DLS intervention at all levels, women who have suffered violence must have reported (or must ask us for help to do so) the violence suffered to the police. The real tragedy is that over 80% of vulnerable victims who suffer violence do not report”. And also on the side of self-defense, the testimonial Lucia Morico, an Olympian in judo, explained: “We don’t teach how to fight but how to get out of dangerous situations even with simple deflection and uncoupling techniques within the reach of housewives”. In addition to several young students and teachers from middle and high schools, the event was attended by the President of the Municipal Union Council Luigi Rebecchini, the councilor Cinzia Petetta, the Fijlkam trustee Giuseppe Marcheggiani. Various instructors of various martial arts took turns on the mats, coordinated by Morico: Jessica Abbrugiati for ju jitsu, Sara Sanna and Sara Trionfetti for taekwondo, Sara Zagaglia and Annarita Stefanìa for judo and Arianna Rigamonti for karate.


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