Two fans of the National Team met Antonela Roccuzzo in the bathroom of a service station

fans of the Argentine National Team who were traveling for the friendly with Panama met the wife of Lionel Messi.

Before they could see the idols of the third championship of our Argentine National Team, two fans had a fortuitous encounter with Antonela Roccuzzo. The young women traveled to witness the match against Panama at the Monumental and in a bathroom they met the wife of Lionel Messi.

“We took a photo with Antonela. We came here and went to the San Nicolás station to carry water for the mate and suddenly we found it in the bathroom,” one of the fans told TyC Sportswhile showing the selfie he took with the businesswoman as proof.

“We were at a service station and I was with Mateo. They stopped at the bathroom, like anyone else, and we took pictures with her. Very good vibes! ”, Added the other, while her friend did not come out of her surprise. “My brother-in-law says ‘a skinny girl passed by and I didn’t even notice her.’ I told him ‘but you’re stupid…!’. It was Antonela! ”, She launched, exultant.

“We were coming here and we went to the San Nicolás station to carry water for the mate and suddenly we found it in the bathroom.”


Antonela Roccuzzoalways attentive to the latest fashion trends, attended with her friends the exclusive Louis Vuitton show under the Paris Fashion Week.

First of all, they were invited to have tea in a spectacular space which has a wonderful view of the Torre Eiffel. “Thank you very much,” said Anto, who shared photos and videos of sweet delicacies that they tasted before the parade.

Immediately afterwards, They went to the Louis Vuitton fashion show and posed wearing their elegant outfits. And one more timeLionel Messi’s partner stood out thanks to its elegance and sensuality. Anto put on a black mini dresssleeveless, with cuts in the neckline that expose their skin. In dialogue with some knee high bootsa gold detail wallet y matching accessories.


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