Tom Brady’s Last Trip Down South: A Big Party for ‘The Nicest People’

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Former quarterback Tom Brady has apparently had more time to spend with his friends since becoming celibate again and, with his financial means, he spent a pleasant weekend in the Bahamas.

Thus, the singer Jean Watts published on her Instagram account on Tuesday photos showing the 45-year-old man and his close guard enjoying the warm and sunny environment of the place, that is to say those of the Baker’s Bay Island. The one who is dating a former teammate of Brady with the New England Patriots, Danny Amendola, expressed his happiness to have lived such intoxicating moments.

“The most beautiful weekend with the most beautiful people, in the most beautiful place, celebrating the GOAT [en anglais, le Greatest of All Time]“, she wrote.

Other guests were in the group having traveled by boat, had a few alcoholic drinks and thrown a football on the beach, among other things. Among them, the ex-partners of arms of the pivot in the “Pats” Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski. The latter could count on his girlfriend, Camille Kostek, who has already covered the cover of a swimsuit edition of the magazine “Sports Illustrated”.

“It’s just old retired guys chilling. There is nothing to see here, dear people,” Gronkowski wrote on Instagram.


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