Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend claims almost 30 million euros for having kicked him out of his mansion

Tiger Woods is once again a single man. Considered one of the best golf players of all time, he broke off his relationship with his last partner, Erica Herman, with whom he had had a discreet relationship for almost six years.

A break that has only been known after the hotel businesswoman has initiated legal procedures to declare null the confidentiality contract that she alleges the athlete would have made her sign at the beginning of their relationship, which according to the businesswoman began in 2017.

Woods, with his two children and his ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman.


In the documents, that the portal TMZ revealed for the first time last Wednesday, Herman requests the annulment of said contract, alleging that this type of document is not valid in cases of harassment or sexual abuse by the other party. Herman does not directly accuse Tiger Woods of any of these crimes, but does affirm that the golfer would have “aggressively imposed” said confidentiality agreement so that she signed it.

What Herman is looking for, apparently, is to annul said document to be able to share “all the experiences” that he lived with Woods in their relationship of almost six years.

Herman asks to stay five more years living in his mansion, after having assured him in an “oral contract”

In addition to the annulment of said contract, the businesswoman is also seeking economic compensation of almost 28.5 million euros (30 million dollars) after Tiger Woods threw her out of his mansion on Jupiter Island (Florida, USA -place where Some of the richest people in the country live-), where they lived with his children -the result of his marriage to Elin Nordegren- after the breakup. According to Herman, having to leave would have caused him various damages, even more so when the athlete changed the locks so he could not enter.

It must be said that the businesswoman has not sued Tiger Woods directly, but rather his trust, also explaining that those who work for the athlete would have removed all his belongings from the house, taking up to $40,000 in cash, claiming that they did not know ” Where would she have gotten the money from?

According to Herman, the thing is clear: Woods has to pay. She assures that they had an “oral contract” in which they made it clear that she could live in the mansion for eleven years, and having broken their relationship after six, she could still enjoy the residence for another five more, even separated.

Tiger Woods and his then partner, Erica Herman, in 2019.

Manuel Balce Ceneta / LaPresse

The athlete’s legal team has already responded to his ex-partner’s requests, insisting that it would have been her who left the place, saying that she was not going to return.

The break coincides with the unexpected return of Woods to the field of play, beginning a new stage as a new man after almost two decades of scandals, injuries and an accident in which he almost lost his life in 2021.



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