Balance Board: Train your sense of balance and your muscles

balance training
Balance Board: This is how you playfully train your sense of balance and muscles

“Balance-Board” trend: This is how you playfully train your sense of balance

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Physical activity is good for the body and mind. Endurance and strength training is classic, but what about the sense of balance? Anyone with surfing or skating experience knows that this needs to be trained. What role does a balance board play in this? We clarify.

The balance board trains the body from head to toe because it improves coordination skills, balance and general fitness. It’s nice that you can use the Balance Board to challenge many muscle groups in a joint-gentle and universal way. The boards are suitable for all ages and are available in different shapes and sizes. Read here which balance boards are suitable for whom.

What is a balance board good for?

With the Balance Board it is important to keep your balance and that is not easy (at the beginning). But the more often you do sports with the board, the easier it will become over time. A lot happens unconsciously when training with the balance board, because you strengthen your muscles through compensatory movements. The balance board also challenges your coordination and balance skills. You learn to rely on your body and to assess your balance correctly.

Which balance board is the right one?

There is a large selection of different balance boards. Most boards are made of wood and are placed on a roller made of cork or wood. Before making a purchase, you should consider what kind of exercises you would like to do. There are round boards (also called therapy tops) that are used in physiotherapy, boards for children with playful elements, or boards that are reminiscent of surfboards or skateboards.

For beginners: round balance board

The wobbly devices come from rehabilitation sports, because the balance board and therapy top are well suited for fall prevention and training of the deeper muscles. Whether standing, sitting or kneeling: there are numerous ways to do exercises on it. What is certain is the use of one therapy top makes the training even more challenging. Such a device is also suitable for beginners, because the risk of falling is lower than on a (surf) board with a roller.

For advanced surfers: balance board for surfing

You need significantly more balance for this board. The Wooden balance board is reminiscent of a surfboard and works in a similar way. It allows surfing or skating far away from the sea or skate park. You train your coordination skills and your sense of balance. Inspiration for the training can be found, for example, on the YouTube video platform:

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Balance board with maze game

This Brett is training and game in one. Visually, it is reminiscent of the therapy top, only that it has a more oval shape. The feet are placed on the side of the maze and then a small ball can be guided through the intricate lanes.

balance board for kids

This one works similar to the wooden labyrinth balance board for kids made of plastic. Only the design is more colorful and the material is ideal for withstanding external influences in the garden or park.

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