The story of a penalty that angered everyone at Sporting: “It’s a mistake”

The rojiblanca expedition landed yesterday from Las Palmas in Gijón, already exercising in Mareo in the afternoon, with a mixture of sensations. On the one hand, with the conviction that Sporting competes, and is doing better at a crucial moment in the season. But also with the frustration that an arbitration decision has taken away the possibility of winning two points that could be key in the fight not to go down. The controversial penalty awarded to Cali Izquierdoz about Marc Cardonawhich in the first instance the main judge did not see as a fault, Avalos Barrerabut which was later notified by Vicandi Garrido from the VAR room, has caused deep discomfort within Sporting, who feels doubly aggrieved: by the debatable infraction, and by the consequences that it has had for the next duel against a very tough bone like Granada, and where Ramírez has suddenly lost Izquierdoz and Marsà for that action, like Insua, who completes a cycle. A hole in the rear against the best attack in the category. At the end of the meeting, the indignation in the delegation was enormous, which led to the energetic response of David Guerra, executive president.

The malaise was general, with Alejandro Irarragorri y Jose Riestra at the head, displaced to Las Palmas. But the most annoying was Cali Izquierdoz himself, very emotionally touched after seeing how the technology indicated another penalty that he understood as unfair – it is the third of the championship. Pichu Cuéllar He assured that Marc Cardona himself had confessed that it was not a penalty. The locker room, in general, was abuzz at the end of the game. Several colleagues wanted to encourage Cali, a highly respected leader internally. The managers have also supported him.

Always cautious, it is the first time that a high command comes to the fore to defend the interests of the entity when they feel wronged by the referees. There were other decisions that did not please, but nobody had spoken. internally It is not explained why the VAR enters to correct the initial criteria of the referee in a play that is not clear. A decision that goes against what was stated by the referees in the talks given to the players and coaches at the beginning of this campaign. The consideration of Vicandi Garrido in the Technical Committee of Referees is very low, according to different sources. In a very difficult campaign full of changes, the penalty has brought the club and its surroundings even closer together. “No one knows very well when the VAR enters or not. For me it is not directly or missing: before touching the ball”, he cries Manolo Jimenez.

In the same vein, another legend of the club is shown as Juanele. “It’s clearly a VAR error,” he adds. He also thinks the same Alberto Lora, ex-rojiblanco captain. “It’s not a penalty at all. But not even in the VAR replay. There’s hardly any contact and if there is, it’s when the ball has been cleared; I can’t find the reason to call a penalty when there are more doubtful actions,” he says. Several are the fans who have cried out against the work of the referees for feeling offended by what they understand as an “error”. “In these entries it is not the same to see them in slow motion than at the speed of the game, it modifies the essence of football,” he laments. Manolo Llanaof the rock Nacho Cases.

The club resorts to Izquierdoz’s yellow card

Sporting is willing to fight to have Cali Izquierdoz for the battle they face this Sunday at El Molinón against Granada, second in the championship. The legal area of ​​the rojiblanco club, as LA NUEVA ESPAÑA advanced, was working yesterday on the presentation of an appeal before the Competition Committee. At the close of this edition, only the visual part was pending to be documented before transferring the previous allegations before the federal body. Competition meets tomorrow. In the case of José Marsá, the rojiblanco club does not plan to file any appeal. The penalty for the Catalan, who had been playing in the midfield in recent games, could even be two games, so he would also lose the duel in Can Misses, against Ibiza. Ávalos Barrera reflects in the record that the Sporting player was sent off for “addressing the assistant referee in the following terms: ‘What a face you have’, hitting his face with his hand on several occasions.”


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