The City Council and Hidraqua collaborate in the programming of activities to celebrate World Water Day

March 16, 2023

Orihuela will celebrate World Water Day with various activities programmed thanks to the collaboration between the City Council and Hidraqua, a concessionary company for the distribution of drinking water and sanitation services in the municipality. The programming has been presented today by the Councilor for the Environment, Guillermo Cánovas; the Councilor for Education, María García, and the manager of Hidraqua, Sergio Sánchez. Thus, Guillermo Cánovas explained that the service concessionaire “has launched an awareness campaign on the responsible use of our most precious asset and the care of the seas” under the title “Let’s take care of every drop as if it were the last”. Within the framework of this initiative, on Saturday March 25, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., a series of activities will be carried out in Soto I6 del Río Segura. “There will be children’s workshops on plastic recycling, handicrafts, seed production and organic soap balls… and the importance of soil in the collection and quality of water will be announced”, the Councilor for the Environment has advanced. Likewise, there will be an interpretive route through the river groves in which the types of vegetation that exist in the municipality and their adaptation to an environment with scarcity of water will be explained, as well as archery workshops, musical entertainment and inflatables.

For her part, María García pointed out that on March 22, World Water Day, there will be a theatrical performance in La Lonja aimed at schoolchildren in the municipality. In this way, 267 students from 3rd and 4th grade will attend the performance of “The traveling drop”. In the words of the Councilor for Education, this activity “explains the importance of wasting water, of reducing consumption in a didactic and interactive way”, although she considered it important that awareness “come from home, from the family”. . “I want to thank Hidraqua for her collaboration in raising awareness of the use of a resource as valuable in this area as water,” she pointed out.

Lastly, the Hidraqua manager recalled that this company works daily to maintain the supply networks to avoid water losses, although he has highlighted the importance of working on awareness of demand. “There has been an increase in subscribers, but the demand per subscriber has dropped”, pointed out Sergio Sánchez, who considered that “this is partly due to the campaigns we carry out on the use of water”. “It is good to have one day a year with an extracurricular activity that makes the message reach the children and then they transfer it to the families”, said Sánchez. In this sense, he has remarked that the play that will be performed on March 22 “talks about good habits and environmental issues, such as the wipes that, unfortunately, many citizens continue to throw down the toilet.”

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