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Original title: Sports champions enter the campus Universiade with me, treat each other with courtesy

Sports champions enter the campus Universiade with me, treat each other with courtesy

Youth embraces the world, youth creates the future. The 31st Summer Universiade in Chengdu is getting closer and closer to us. When friends come from afar, we should treat each other with courtesy. “Happy Chengdu·Beauty in Civilization·Universiade with Courtesy” Chengdu Youth Universiade civilized etiquette publicity and education activity kicked off again a few days ago. The sports champions entered the Chengdu campus one after another, passing on the “rituals” to thousands of students, and welcoming the Universiade together.

Recently, the “Sports Champions Entering Campus” activity has been launched again. Zhang Rongfang, former deputy director of the Sichuan Provincial Sports Commission, head coach of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, and world champion; Chen Longcan, an athlete of the Chinese men’s table tennis team, head coach of the Sichuan team and head coach of the men’s team, and vice chairman of the Sichuan Table Tennis Association; Olympic judo champion Tang Lin, as a guest of this event, went to Chengdu No. 7 Middle School Yucai Shuijingfang School, Chengdu No. 7 Middle School Wanda School and Chengdu Foreign Language School to share the knowledge of watching games in a civilized manner, explain the rules and main points of the game, and guide everyone to understand the Universiade Story, practice Universiade etiquette.

“When the game is exciting, if you want to take pictures and record it, please be sure to turn off the flash of the camera. Especially in volleyball games, the flash will not only affect other people watching the game, but also affect the players on the field.” The students made a detailed presentation; “Let us put on the wings of civilization, fly to the blue sky, and fly to the future. Let us pave the way of civilization with a smile and be the messenger of etiquette…” Under the leadership of Chen Longcan, the students made a speech in unison. Make a civilized proposal and be a good host; Tang Lin interacted with the students on the spot with the question and answer method of Universiade knowledge, which attracted everyone to raise their hands to answer enthusiastically…

As the Chengdu Universiade is approaching step by step, young people in Chengdu have participated extensively, looking forward to welcoming the event with the highest etiquette and showing the world a land of abundance that is civilized and courteous. The Chengdu Universiade is not only a high-level international comprehensive event, but also a feast of youth to travel across the mountains and seas to pursue their dreams, and it is also a positive dialogue with the world. When guests and friends from all over the world gather in Chengdu this summer, young people in Chengdu treat each other with “courtesy”, showing to the world the civilized style of young people in Chengdu, and also expressing the humanistic charm of this thousand-year-old city.

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