Smoke, passion and delay in the farewell to UD Las Palmas before flying to Tenerife

The call was at half past four in the afternoon, but many sensed that they should go before: the two-way road in Barranco Seco is narrow, the asphalt leaves much to be desired and there are hardly any parking spaces, only a few, and after the city sports of the OUT Las Palmas. It was therefore necessary to arrive in time to take a seat and see off the yellow expedition that was to fly to Tenerife at 6:30 p.m. Everything went in order, however, the crowding of people and cars in the ditches was such that the bus had to wait almost half until she had free access to leave. No drama.

Because the footballers summoned by Xavi García Pimienta -all except the injured Marc Cardona, Sandro, Marvin and Vitolo-, the coaching staff and other staff of the yellow entity They boarded around 6:30 p.m. at the Gran Canaria airport and arrived at the neighboring island around 7:08 p.m.Therefore, the delay in leaving Barranco Saco did not have a significant impact on the scheduled program.

What the expedition took in exchange for a few minutes of doubt was the support of several dozen fans, perhaps a couple of hundred who came to the place with yellow shirts, banners, flares and other UD objects to cheer on their own ahead of the derby this afternoon (5:30 p.m.) at the Heliodoro.


Fans say goodbye to UD in Barranco Seco before going to Tenerife
Juan Carlos Castro

The party lasted approximately one hour, from the moment the first members of the expedition began to arrive at the sports city to leave the cars and get on the bus – the yellow one with the team’s crest was already waiting for UD in Tenerife – until the The National Police organized the exit after giving the notice that anyone who had parked on the road should remove the vehicle to open the way for the bus.

The squad, coaching staff and staff land in Tenerife at around 7:08 p.m.

Sports director Luis Helguera was one of the first to arrive, as Alex Suarez y Eric Curbelo, but when those present began to make themselves known with their shouts of support, it was at the moment when a red car appeared with Sergi Cardona at the wheel, Valles as co-driver and Pejiño behind, along with another unidentified player. They were followed by Moleiro, Sidnei, Kaptoum, Momo, Álex Domínguez and Florin Andone, the last to arrive. Although the biggest ovation had been brought before by Jonathan Viera, aboard a red car instead of his yellow Lamborghini.

With everyone at the top, the organization at the bottom was led by the Ultra Naciente rock, carrying a banner with two words: ‘Until we burst’. The message, clear: give everything in the duel of maximum Canarian rivalry. With the motto in front and fans both behind and on the sides, the UD bus began to go down the slope of the sports city. The chants followed one another, as well as the lighting of flares that led to the warning from the police, who, although they did not file any complaint, did ask that they not be lit anymore.

The captains Viera, Mfulu and Fabio, and García Pimienta, get down to applaud the fans

It was then that the three captains of the team on board, Jonathan Viera, Mfulu and Fabio -the fourth, Benito, is injured and does not have a file-, and the coach García Pimienta, got out to applaud all the fans who had bothered to go say goodbye Those minutes, three or four, were the peak. Overflowing passion.

turn back

Then everything was in order, however, the first oddity was going to occur when the vehicle was about to turn right to leave Barranco Seco. The police prevented the advance because they had verified that along the road there were cars parked on the sides that were going to prevent the passage. In addition, many other cars from outside the UD were passing through the area on the way to the school that is right in front of the sports city. The traffic jam was already large when concern arose among the leaders of the expedition. The bus returned to the slope, to the origin.

The delegate Rubén Fontes and the head of security Manolo Hernández were the ones who maintained contact with the security forces at all times and it was not until almost half an hour later that the UD bus was able to leave for the airport. He did it late, but also brimming with smoke and passion. That of the fans of Las Palmas.


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