Scoundrel individual follow-up: Malcorra scored, assisted and took the prize for the figure of the match

Jorge Broun: 6. He had little work, but he provided security. He always responded in the passing game and kept his fence undefeated.

Damian Martinez: 5. Correct on its side although with few projections.

Juan Cruz Komar: 5.5. She complied by serving whenever the situation demanded.

Facundo Mallo: 7. The bulwark of defense. He pulled everything from above and below when the occasion called for it.

Carlos Quintana: 6.5. Firm. I don’t know, it never complicated and won several owners against the local strikers.

Alan Rodriguez: 5. No problems behind; the few showings of him didn’t hurt.

Walter Montoya: 6. Good first 60′, both in the mark and in the game. Then he felt tired and it cost him.

Kevin Ortiz: 5,5. Great wear and tear. On his return, he improved his image.

Ignacio Malcorra: 8. The great figure. He played on the right and from there he scored a great goal scoring a diagonal and delivered a perfect assist for Véliz’s goal.

Jaminton Campaz: 5.5. The action of the first goal began. He was substituted at halftime.

Alejo Veliz: 7.5. When the game comes to him, he is productive. Great header for the second goal and always demanding. Then he almost scores another one with a retainer.


Lautaro Giaccone: 5. He played the stage in which Central dedicated himself to enduring the result. He contributed little.

Lucas Rodriguez: 5. She settled in well on the side. Discreet.

Luca Martínez Dupuy: s/c Demanded and generated some infractions

Gino Infantino: s/c Few minutes in which he hardly participated in the game

Ismael Cortez: s/c He entered near the end and sought to close his side



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