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One injured in an accident

Hochtaunus – A Taunusbahn train collided with a school bus in Neu-Anspach on Wednesday afternoon. As firefighters from Neu-Anspach reported, the incident happened around 1.30 p.m. when crossing the Hausen-Arnsbach level crossing. According to a police spokesman, a driver stopped right after the level crossing and wanted to turn there. According to initial findings, this maneuver meant that the school bus could no longer continue and came to a standstill in the middle of the rails. “When the barriers were lowered because of an approaching train, the bus was trapped,” reports Neu-Anspach’s city fire inspector Markus Buhlmann. “The train rolling from Usingen in the curve could not brake in time.” However, the bus driver reacted with presence of mind and brought the students to safety, according to the police. He was also able to drive the school bus a few meters forward so that the train only caught the rear. The train pulled the bus with it and pushed it into the light signal of the level crossing.

The driver, who was still on the bus, suffered minor injuries in the impact. “Fortunately, the train was still traveling at low speed,” said the police. The total damage amounts to 600,000 euros. The salvage work on the route dragged on into the evening hours. The police are now looking for the driver who allegedly caused the accident with his turning maneuver and is asking for information on telephone 0 60 81 / 9 20 80. judo/map


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