Ordizia: Tomorrow begins the day of basketball this weekend

Ordizia: Tomorrow begins the day of basketball this weekend

Ordizia saskibaloia fans will enjoy an intense day of basketball on Saturday, since most of the weekend games will be played on that day. Even so, the children’s team will be the one to open the game day with the match that will be played tomorrow, Friday at 6:15 p.m. in Majori against Easo Basquet Irulea.

The first team, Ordizia Ondozabal Group will receive a visit from Zornotza ST on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. The Biscayan team is located in the middle of the table, but with five more games won than the Ordiziarras, who hope to achieve the victory that has eluded them in recent games, since the first leg was very even, and thus achieve the points that help to climb some positions in the table. At the break, a new raffle will be held among the collaborating partners.

Patxi Olano’s Basque League juniors receive Egibide Araski in Majori, at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. The urdines already won this team in the first leg, so they will have to come out focused if they want to repeat the victory.

The Ordizia Orkli junior masculine, this Saturday will have a new opportunity to get out of the irregular dynamics in which it finds itself. They will play the match in Majori at 12:30 pm against Araba ST Araberri. It will not be easy for José Antonio Martínez’s boys, since the rivals occupy the second position with 5 victories, while the Ordiziarras do it in seventh position with only two victories.

Oier Sanchez’s cadets want to turn the page on their last defeat and will travel to Gasteiz with the intention of taking the match against AZ Participación Araba, at 1:00 p.m. The head of the standings is so tight that last Saturday’s defeat delegates the Ordiziarra team to fourth position, while with the victory they could have achieved leadership of the group. Hence the importance of achieving victory.

Javi Iruretagoyena and Gorka Sarasola’s boys continue to climb to get a place in performance for next season. This weekend they will have a new opportunity facing on Saturday in Majori at 9.15 am facing the 5th classified, Zast 2007.

In children’s, Asier Oria’s boys will play their fifth game of this phase against the red lantern of the Mondragón Lingua classification, at 10.45 am, in Majori.

On Sunday there will also be a single match, the female children’s Rendimiento Plata, which will face the Zast Lynx at 10:00 in Zarautz.


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