Race in Silverstone: life-threatening climate protest – activists sentenced to suspended sentences

Formula 1 Race at Silverstone

Life-threatening climate protest – activists sentenced to suspended sentences

Members of the Just Stop Oil group on their way to court

Members of the Just Stop Oil group on their way to court

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Your action caused a stir at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Silverstone. Six members of the Just Stop Oil group stormed onto the track during the race. Eight months later they were convicted. The judge took into account the motivation of the climate activists.

WThree climate activists have been sentenced to suspended sentences for a life-threatening protest at the Formula 1 race in Silverstone in the UK last year. Three other members of the group Just Stop Oil have to do community service, a court in the English city of Northampton ruled.

Judge Neil Garnham said he recognized that campaigners acted out of concern for climate change. However, the carefully planned and “reckless” route invasion was a deliberate violation of the law, which the activists carried out despite strong warnings from the police.

In July 2022, several protesters rushed onto the track as the race slowed after a violent accident with a red flag. Just Stop Oil stressed that there was a “meticulous” safety plan for the operation. The prosecution, on the other hand, emphasized that the climate protectors had “risked an immediate risk of serious damage”.

Security forces quickly caught the activists

Five people entered the circuit and were quickly taken into custody by security forces and marshals. A sixth activist was arrested in the parking lot after glue, cable ties and a banner were found on him.

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A 22-year-old man and 24-year-old woman who taped themselves to the frame of a Vincent van Gogh painting in London days before the Silverstone incident have been sentenced to 12 and six months’ imprisonment, respectively, suspended for two years became. A 40-year-old woman also received six months probation.

The court also sentenced three men, ages 22, 30 and 47, to “community order,” which is usually charitable work or curfews.


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