NBA – Dennis Schröder facing an uncertain future

NBA star Schröder has become a family man. (dpa picture radio / Peter Steffen)

The fact that at the beginning of spring he does not yet know where he will play in the autumn is nothing new for Dennis Schröder. For the third time in a row, the playmaker had only signed a one-year contract before the start of the season – for the third time his future is uncertain.

But Schröder is now playing his tenth NBA season, he knows the business – and therefore remains impressively unimpressed.

“My agent is already doing his job, I think, very well, is already starting to talk to people. That’s why I’m not worried about it. The better we play, the better the situation, I think. So let’s start with this focus.”

LA Lakers fight for playoff spot

Because the present at the LA Lakers is a mixture of hope and fear. The club has a famous name and a superstar in LeBron James. But he’s been injured for weeks – and tradition alone doesn’t guarantee a playoff spot. Not even for an NBA record champion. Nine games before the end of the preliminary round, LA is tenth in the Western Conference. That would not be enough for direct knockout round qualification.

The fact that Dennis Schröder approaches all of this with North German composure is also due to his environment. The 29-year-old, who has been selfish in the past, has become a family man and no longer makes decisions based solely on sporting prospects. No, it’s also about how comfortable wife Ellen and their three children feel.

“Family First” not very common in the NBA

“The family, of course I have to make sure that everything fits. And then it doesn’t really matter where. But I wouldn’t have a problem continuing to play here.”

Family first – Schröder has only experienced that once at his five NBA stations: with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

“I think it’s good. That’s how we grew up. That’s how my wife grew up. That’s how we raise our children – that family plays a big role. You can see that in Europe too, no matter where you play. In Europe is “It’s more of a family thing. It’s just not that common here in the NBA.”

Schröder shows how important his loved ones are to him when he holds his youngest son in his arms during an interview on the sidelines and raves about how great it is to have a family.

The German national team is also like family to him – and they will see Schröder again in the summer. After bronze at the European Championships at home, this time it’s off to the World Championship – with the captain, Dennis Schröder, leading the way.


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