Nairo’s return to the peloton is still on standby

That ASO go to Nairo seems very hypocritical to me

Oh cycling, its world, characters and unwritten rules, from time to time, on a recurring basis, we know about things and little things that explain a much sadder reality than what we would like to witness.

We read that Johan Bruyneel has said in a podcast that Nairo Quintana is banned by ASO and, therefore, by the Tour de France itself.

He knows this through a team that, before the Colombian star’s poll, received these indications from the most powerful organization in world cycling, I think even more than the UCI itself, which will always be in tow from the French.

We already know that Bruyneel has been silent or reserved for a long time, little or nothing, he still has interests in cycling, but certainly saying this without being loaded with reason I don’t think he did.

More than anything, we know how the business works and The fact that ASO pulled strings in the veto of Nairo fits perfectly into the “modus operandi” of this sportWell, to be honest, sports in general.

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Now I want to hear those who said what I have already commented several times, that Nairo’s positive tramadol in the Tour was nothing, an insignificant nonsense and that it was not even considered doping.

And it won’t be, strictly speaking, but here are two invoices, one the positive itself, as I say it’s not doping, and another the image that slips from the runner, it’s still a positive.

The image of Nairo is discounted that right now it does not matterand ASO makes use of its infinite power to make it clear.

So why do we have a list of prohibited substances?

The movement is hypocritical beyond belief, a reissue of that double yardstick that we see in so many things in life.

Nairo has not tested positive for doping, it has been for a substance that does not fall into that category, why all the fuss?

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It is hard for me to believe that the image of the Tour, and ASO’s business, will be harmed by the presence of Nairo when the history of the race has always had positives and even high-profile scandals that made us fear for the future of cycling. .

At this point in the movie…

Now, we look at Nairo and we think what will become of him, because it is not unreasonable to think about retiring if ASO blocks your way in the important teams and therefore in the competitions that motivate you.

The other day, talking to Goga, it became clear that Nairo could perfectly hang the bike that it would not go wrong in the future.

I don’t see him at Rigo’s level, in terms of business structure, but as a charismatic figure Nairo is God in his country and that, together with what he has, is more than enough to live off the scraps.

Ten years ago around this time we were facing the Nairo explosion and today we see ourselves like this.

I would not like to see him out of cycling in this way, but things are not looking good, I repeat, not good at all.

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