Medellín gave life to Nacional and Pabón was a hero in the classic paisa

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The purslane team managed to tie 1-1 with a powerful team resisted on date 10 of the League.

Nacional vs Medellín League BetPlay 2023
Photo: Dimayor

Atlético Nacional and Independiente Medellín met in the classic paisa corresponding to date 10 of the BetPlay League and despite the fact that the purslane was local, there was also a massive presence of fans of the powerful. In the end, the mountain derby went to David González’s team, who won 1-0.

The match between the two began with great intensity, where in the majority of the first half the teams fought and lived the mountain classic to the fullest. Nacional found Medellín in a bad position on several occasions, but after a few minutes the powerful managed to balance and surprise.

Therefore, around minute 21, the Argentine Luciano Pons managed to define against Kevin Mier, who came out, but was beaten by the striker, who knew how to elude him and take advantage of Daniel Torres’s pass. Despite the fact that there was uncertainty for several minutes due to a possible misplacement, the VAR finally decided to give the powerful goal.

From there, Nacional did not find solutions to score and lost for the second half, where they did not find many options to reach the tie, at least in the first minutes of the complement.

Likewise, Nacional’s bad night came around minute 60, where Kevin Mier was injured and Harlen Castillo had to come on urgently. Hard low that left the purslane with concern.

Despite the loss of their goalkeeper, Nacional looked for the longed-for goal that would give them the tie, as Medellín disappeared from the field of play and gave life to the purslane.

The reward for persistence came and around minute 86 Atlético Nacional revived thanks to Dorlan Pabón, who scored the great goal in the 1-1 draw with a perfect free kick that generated madness at the Atanasio Girardot stadium.

In the end, the addition time did not allow for more and that goal by Dorlan Pabón made Autuori’s men add 17 points and continue in the top places of the standings, while DIM continues to raise doubts and are tenth with 12 units .



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