Kyrie Irving backs Ja Morant and hits the media again

NBA – The Dallas point guard believes the media has overdone Ja Morant.

Almost three weeks ago, when the NBA discovered that I Morant had fun with a gun in a strip club, Kyrie Irving had been one of the only players to speak up to defend him. It was in a live on instagramon March 10.

“He is not the first person to have been confronted with real-life circumstances. He is not the only one. And he won’t be the only one. So guess what I’m gonna do? I’ll get up and make sure I’m there for my family and friends. We all make mistakes. We all do things we regret. But, in a way, when you are a celebrity and you are famous, you are subject to different rules…”

It must be said that the new leader of the Mavericks is a regular in extra-sporting escapades, and Monday evening, on the floor, he took Ja Morant in his arms, to whisper a few words in his ear.

“I believe that any hardship in life builds character. Especially when you’re facing special challenges in the public eye, and the media is drawn to everything we do, for their next stories.” comments Kyrie Irving. “I don’t want to imply anything about each of the reporters, but that’s just how I see it from my perspective, which is that there’s been a flurry of judgment on Ja. There was a backlog of judgments about what I was doing, and there is usually a backlog of judgments from the court of public opinion.”

Ja Morant, the Kyrie Irving of the new generation?

For Ja Morant, it was a first to be in the spotlight like this. Even if since July, his camp has been much noticed, the point guard has become one of the faces of the NBA. Like Kyrie Irving ten years ago.

“For Morant, the initial shock was dealing with public opinion and all the hype that comes with it, but also the emotion of a real human being” poursuit Kyrie Irving. “It’s an aspect that interests me. This is where I put all my energy. I wished his family good luck, I wished him good luck, and I pray that he is well in his head. I was happy to see him on the pitch today. And I just want him to be okay. He has a long career ahead of him. I don’t think anyone should control anything other than themselves. »


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