Failed to Get Visa, PBSI Cancels Sending Players to China Masters

CNN Indonesia

Tuesday, 07 Mar 2023 13:51 WIB

Rionny Mainaky hopes that BWF will help with the visa issue which is an obstacle to participating in a tournament. (PBSI Archive)

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia

Head of Binpres PBSI Rionny Mainaky confirmed that the Indonesian Badminton Team withdrew or did not take part in the 2023 China Masters due to visa obstructions.

Rionny said PBSI had tried hard to arrange athlete visas to be departed, but none came out. Because the various efforts had not produced results, it was finally decided that Indonesia would withdraw.

“Oh yes [Indonesia mundur]. Because the visa is from there [China] it’s not out. So we have tried to go through the embassy, ​​but there has been no answer, so we will all withdraw,” said Rionny, Tuesday (7/3).

Actually, PBSI will send several names to take part in the 2023 China Masters, March 14-19. They were coatings sent out looking for points. Instead other events become targets.

“There are those who are taking Thailand. We will transfer to Osaka, but there are those who are taking Thailand, can’t arrange visas. Those who don’t take Thailand and China, there is more time, we go to Osaka. So there aren’t many to Osaka. Only six or seven people ,” said Rionny.

As further anticipation, because there will be several other events in China, PBSI will find a way out. One of them will ask for BWF’s assistance so that participation in tournaments in China is no longer hindered by visas.

“Let’s go to BWF, how is it like this? Because it’s not a problem with China either, it’s the same in England. In the past, we could all be together. As far as I know, we used to be able to take care of it together. But this link is open, today there is a quota that we can special for fast,” he said.

“So there weren’t many. In the past, we could only have ten people directly, because we wanted to rush it. We’re afraid we can’t take part in the All England, for example. Here we can only have 2-3 people. It’s difficult there,” explained Rionny.

As for another event that will take place in Osaka, Japan, namely the 2023 Japan Open, it is being arranged. Rionny is sure that there will be no problems in obtaining a visa so that Indonesian representatives can take part in the level 750 tournament.



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