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Emiliano ‘Dibu’ Martínez, the world champion goalkeeper with the Argentine National Team in Qatar 2022, has stood out in his career with this team for his talent, but also for the way in which he gets his rivals out of control.

Dibu had already become famous in the 2021 Copa América, in which Argentina was crowned champion after 28 years. The Albicelestes faced Colombia in the semifinals and advanced to the final match on penalty kicks.

Martínez had a media dispute with the Colombian Yerry Mina, whom he wanted to distract from when the Everton defender came to collect. The phrase “Mirá que te como” became famous and viral.

The duel had antecedents. In the match that Colombia and Argentina played in Barranquilla in the qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, Dibu was injured after a clash with Mina. And then, Martínez was upset when Mina, in the definition against Uruguay, celebrated his victory by dancing.

The IFAB took action after the attitudes of the Dibu

Dibu once again applied the tactics to distract his rivals in the World Cup and was instrumental throughout the tournament for Argentina to regain the world title after 36 years.

Dibu Martínez was criticized for his gestures when receiving the award as the best goalkeeper in the World Cup.


EFE/EPO/Friedemann Vogel

However, the issue caused some inconvenience. And the International Football Association Board (IFAB), the entity that dictates and reviews the rules of football, decided to change the rules to prevent this from happening again.

The changes in the regulations come into force from the first of July and the specific issue of penalties has been called by some as the ‘Anti-Draw Law’.

The IFAB has now published the new text of the standard, in which it explains its scope.

“The goalkeeper will not behave in a way that distracts the kicker in an unregulated manner, for example, he will not delay the execution of the penalty or touch the posts, the crossbar or the goal net”, dictates the rule that will come into force in the second half of the year.

The IFAB clarified the specific point of dealing with rivals: “It is clarified that, with his conduct, the goalkeeper will not disrespect football or the opponent, for example, distracting the kicker in an unregulated manner.”


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