Boisse-Penchot. Tatami mats in the snow!

The Judo Bassin Aveyron organized a cohesion course in Brameloup during these February holidays, from the youngest to the seniors. Following the success of the back-to-school course in Livinhac last August, coach Rémi Géraud and the club’s leaders wanted to continue this initiative to create even more links.

A total of fifty people were able to benefit from this course.

The parents, while providing transport, took advantage of the activities with the 30 judokas, enjoying the joy of sliding sports, the majority of which were beginners. 3 days were devoted to the youngest and minimal (tobogganing and introduction to skiing). The older ones took place at the end of the week to learn about a long walk on snowshoes, the opportunity to discover the beautiful landscape of Aubrac.

The next day, a day of skiing was offered for novices; as for the confirmed, they challenged themselves to slide on snow. It was a great success thanks to the mobilization of certain parents and the presence of a few active members of the club, in particular Yohann Pain and President Luis Rainho.



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